Elisir d'amore - Debut with Tiroler Festspiele

Elisir d’amore – Debut with Tiroler Festspiele

Orchestra of the Tyrolean Festival Erl

Conductor Sesto Quatrini

Directed by Dorothea Kirschbaum

Stage design Alexandre Corazzola

Costumes Dorothee Joisten


with Benedetta Torre, Jonathan Abernethy, Mikolaj Tr?bka, Sam Handley, Barbara Massaro


Nemorino is in love with Adina, but she’s rich and he’s poor, and Adina won’t give him the time of day. After hearing the legend of Tristan and Isolde, Nemorino wonders if a love potion might do the trick.

Cue the arrival in town of Dulcamara, travelling larrikin and purveyor of a bottled cure-all that might just do the trick.

But time is running out – Adina has agreed to marry the pompous Sergeant Belcore. Will the potion work? Will Dulcamara get out of town before anyone discovers it doesn’t? Will Nemorino get his girl?


Thurs., January 2, 2020 (premiere)
Sat., January 4, 2020
Mon., January 6, 2020
At 6 pm