MOZART, REQUIEM – Opéra de Rouen

May 3, 2019 all-day
MOZART, REQUIEM - Opéra de Rouen

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Meistermusik (with men’s choir)

Two funeral but luminous musical works: Mozart’s Requiem and its Masonic counterpart, the Meistermusik.

No, Salieri did not order a requiem to Mozart! If this legend, beautifully used by Milos Forman in Amadeus , is invented, it contains a parcel of truth: the real sponsor was Franz von WalseggStuppach, a count who wanted to pretend to be a genius composer. But the greatest truth is that this mass of the dead, composed in 1791 by Mozart, is a summit of classical music that touches the sublime. Far from legends, this concert with the accentus choir focuses on showing the true face of Mozart, who is also that of his Masonic membership. As evidenced by this secular work where, as in his sacred music, one of the most touching characteristics of the composer is his humanity.