Studio Recital with Anna Dowsley – OPERA AUSTRALIA
Jul 29 @ 2:30 pm

Joan Sutherland Studio, The Opera Centre

Lieder by Schubert, Schumann, and Wolf.

Tenor – Jonathan Abernethy
Mezzo-Soprano – Anna Dowsley
Pianist – Siro Battaglin

Carmen – Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra
Aug 12 @ 7:30 pm – 10:30 pm

Federation Concert Hall, Hobart

Häuptling Abendwind, Offenbach – Opernhaus Zürich @ Opernhaus Zürich
Sep 23 all-day
Conductor Thomas Barthel
Producer Rüdiger Burbach
Stage and costume design Anja Furthmann
Dramaturgy Beate Breidenbach


Abendwind die Sanfte Katharina von Bock
Atala, ihre Tochter Alina Adamski
23 Sep; 12 OctSoyoung Lee
26 Mar
Biberhuhn die Heftige Fabienne Hadorn
Arthur, ein Fremdling Omer Kobiljak
23 Sep; 12 OctJonathan Abernethy
26 Mar
Jim McLaren, Naturforscher Stefan Lahr
Die Wilde, Ho-Gu, Köchin Karina Demurova
23 Sep; 26 MarGemma Ni Bhriain
12 Oct

Far away from us, on a lonely island in Oceania. Jim McLaren, naturalist, has come to the South Pacific to research the customs of the last cannibals who live there. On the island, Chieftain Abendwind (Evening Wind), head of a matriarchally organised tribe, is expecting her arch-enemy, Chieftain Biberhuhn (Beaver Hen), for a reconciliatory meal. Now something to eat must be rustled up as quickly as possible. There has been no human meat for some time now, and everyone is hungry. The stranger who has unexpectedly turned up on the beach has arrived in the nick of time! Too bad that Atala, Abendwind’s daughter, falls head over heels in love with the young man. But that is not all: after the feast, it would appear that it is Biberhuhn’s eagerly awaited son who has just been eaten…

Our cooperation with the Theater Kanton Zürich was successfully launched with Mozart’s Schauspieldirektor two years ago. Stephan Benson continues the collaboration adapting the wonderfully absurd plot from Jacques Offenbach’s operetta – premièred in Paris in 1857 – in contemporary form. With Rüdiger Burbach as director and Thomas Barthel as conductor, the same team will be in charge as for Der Schauspieldirektor.

Sat 23 Sep at the Eröffnungsfest free admission.

Salome, Strauß – Opernhaus Zürich
Sep 28 @ 7:30 pm – 10:30 pm
Musikalische Leitung Ulf Schirmer
Inszenierung Sven-Eric Bechtolf
Bühne Rolf Glittenberg
Kostüme Marianne Glittenberg
Lichtgestaltung Jürgen Hoffmann


Salome Catherine Naglestad
Herodias Doris Soffel
Jochanaan Thomas Johannes Mayer
Herodes Gerhard Siegel
Narraboth Evan LeRoy Johnson
Page der Herodias Deniz Uzun
Erster Jude Iain Milne
Zweiter Jude Omer Kobiljak
Dritter Jude Spencer Lang
Vierter Jude Jonathan Abernethy
Fünfter Jude Cody Quattlebaum
Erster Nazarener Ildo Song
Zweiter Nazarener Huw Montague Rendall
Erster Soldat Valeriy Murga
Zweiter Soldat N. N.
Sklave Natalia Tanasii
Ein Cappadozier Dmytro Kalmuchyn
Tänzerin Silvia Schori
Philharmonia Zürich
Statistenverein am Opernhaus Zürich